Terms and Conditions

  • ~ If you select the Monthly Payment Plan, you are agreeing to pay $222.00 per month for the next 18 months from the day you sign up through the 18 month payment plan.
  • ~ No refunds or cancellations are available.
  • ~ I understand that all materials I receive through Path of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Empowerment Program are copyright property of Deborah Ann Knighton Tallarico, including all audios, guided meditations, ceremonies, original creations & written materials and thus cannot be shared without her direct permission and consent.
  • ~ Privacy Policy: All personal information is confidential and secure.
  • ~ Disclaimer: This Divine Feminine Empowerment Program is not psychotherapy, 
nor intended to be a substitute for psychotherapy. Each participant is responsible to care for their own mental health & well-being for the duration of the program.