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Deborah El'elia Knighton Tallarico
Deborah El'elia

A voice for the Mother

Sound and Crystal Energy Healing

Receive deep healing, chakra cleansing & energy re-balancing

‘Angel of the Crystal Kingdom’  from an Original Painting by Pamela Matthews
("Angel of the Crystal Kingdom" by Pamela Matthews:

Receive deep healing, chakra cleansing & energy re-balancing, inner peace and enhanced spiritual connection with the Divine, Mother Earth, Ancestors and Spiritual Guides.

Receive the healing energies from the crystal realms and bath in the soothing sounds of the crystal signing bowls.

Receive light language codes of light and love channeled to you through sacred sound and tones.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystals and Stones have been on the Earth since the beginning of time and many ancient cultures have used them as protective talismans and for their powerful healing properties to assist beings to heal on every level, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These precious crystal beings carry the most ancient encodings and energies from our beloved Mother Earth and Universe, as well as from the sacred elements, the Sun, Moon and Stars that shine upon them, imprinting them and adding to their profound healing, transformational and spiritual qualities.

"The Healer" by Charles Frizzell

Crystals are known to amplify and magnify our thoughts and intentions as they have this innate capacity so it is wise to use them with great awareness, mindfulness and gratitude.

Each precious stone and crystal has its’ own ‘signature’ with its’ own healing attributes as well as an over-lighting Deva that oversees its’ unique healing properties. Crystals are known to amplify and magnify our thoughts and intentions as they have this innate capacity so it is wise to use them with great awareness, mindfulness and gratitude.

There is no denying the profound beauty, mystery and healing properties of these amazing Crystal Beings that are true gifts from our Mother Earth & Universe. They are to be used with utmost respect, honoring and with the deepest of sacred intentions!

Deborah El'eliaI inside Flower of Life Crystal Bowl
(Deborah El'eliaI inside Flower of Life Crystal Bowl)

Sound Energy Healing & Crystal Singing Bowls

Everything in our Universe is VIBRATION and has its' own unique sound frequency. Our whole world is made up of living and vibrating waves of energy, sound and color that crystallize into form and structure to make up our physical reality.

This vibration or primordial, universal and creative life force that gives life to everything has been known in many cultures as Chi, Prana, Shakti, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Shekinah, Quantum Energy, Mana and Aum (OM) the ‘Mother’ Sound of the Universe.

Toning, chants, mantras, singing and sounding have been used for thousands of years to help beings heal and open to meditative and spiritual states of being.

Sound transcends all time and space, and touches our bodies and souls on a cellular and crystalline level, and is capable of transforming and healing us on the deepest of levels down to the cells and molecules of our body, to the most subtle layers of our aura and energy bodies, to our Spirit.

Crystal Singing bowls are especially powerful as they are made of 99.99% pure crystal granules and heated in molds at 4,000 degrees. Each bowl corresponds to a particular Tone, Note and Color, and also with our Chakra System. Even though a particular bowl may be resonant with a certain tone, color or chakra, it has an overall affect on the whole body and soul. I have found that the sound will travel to exactly where it most is needed for each person and their healing needs, or to help clear a block existing in the body or energy field, to then rebalance the energy.

The crystal bowls resonate with our own bodies, which are crystalline in nature, and made up of networks of vibrational patterns, meridians and energies currents. The sound of the crystal singing bowls can thus have a profound transformational affect on our being from the physical and emotional, to the mental and spiritual realms.

Golden Triquetta
("Angel of the Crystal Kingdom" by Pamela Matthews:

There are scientific studies that show that sound can bring changes in the autonomic, immune, endocrine, circulatory and sympathetic nervous systems and can have a profound effect on our cells, glands, organs, tissues and can even help with cancer patients to bring the body back into harmony again. Many believe that dis-ease is caused from a particular part of the body being out of harmony with the rest of the body, energy systems and soul of a being.

Sound Healing with crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls and other sound healing instruments can be profoundly healing transformational when done with the clearest intention and focus.

Crystal Bowl Energy Sessions can help to balance the entire chakra system, cleanse and re-calibrate the aura and bring a being into a deep state of relaxation and receptivity. Known to be the ‘purest tone’, they can also help to amplify and magnify your sacred prayers and intentions and are powerful and transformational tools to bring change and healing to your life.

Photograph by Christine Anuszewski:
(Photograph by Christine Anuszewski:

What is a Crystal Sound Healing Session Like?

In these deep and beautiful sessions, I use healing stones and crystals from Mother Earth that have been deeply honored, loved, cleansed and energized and place these on your chakras based on your unique healing intentions and needs. These powerful crystals and healing stones carry deep spiritual frequencies and healing light codes that can shift the vibration of your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies, bringing you into deeper connection with your Soul, Mother Gaia and Spirit.

Deborah El’elia playing the crystal singing bowls in the Temple of the Heart Photograph by Christine Anuszewski:
(Deborah El’elia playing the crystal singing bowls in the Temple of the Heart. Photograph by Christine Anuszewski:

In these sacred sessions, I weave the healing and illuminating sounds of crystal singing bowls, atlantean wands, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, drums, rattles, chimes and bells to work on your chakras and energy body to bring about the shifts you are needing. I also channel Light Language, sound, healing spiritual energy and prayers to help you heal, purify, release and transform old energetic patterns as well as connect with your deeper Soul, Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Universal Energies.

Photograph by Christine Anuszewski:
(Photograph by Christine Anuszewski:

At the beginning of these sessions, I call upon the Divine assistance of the Holy Mother, Celestial Mothers and Sisters of Light, Angels, Archangels, Ancient Ones, Earth Guardians, Spirit Guides, Mother Gaia, Councils of Ancient Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Animal Helpers, Star Mothers and Ascended Masters, activate the heart portal, and invoke the directions and elements as well as the highest possible healing vibration and Deva of each stone that is carefully chosen for you.

I share intuitive impressions with you during and at the end of the sessions. These are very powerful and transformational sessions that often leave lasting healing effects.

* In most of my sessions and ceremonies, I integrate healing stones and crystals with sacred sound to deepen your experience.

 Photograph by Christine Anuszewski:
(Photograph by Christine Anuszewski:

These sessions can help you:

Release Old Energies, Blocks & Stress.
Cleanse, Balance and Align your Chakras.
Calm and clear your Mind and thoughts.
Harmonize Heart & Mind.
Bring healing energy to your body, mind, heart, soul & Spirit.
Develop greater Self-Awareness.
Bring you into a deep meditative and relaxed state.
Help you connect with Divine Source and Spirit Guides.
Assist you in aligning with your Higher Self.
Open you to messages from Spirit.
Golden Triquetta

I have been collecting and working with stones and crystals for spiritual and healing purposes since childhood and have always had a deep affinity, love, respect and appreciation for the sacred and healing power of nature. I have been working deeply with these sacred crystal beings in my healing work with clients for the past 16+ years. Over the past 40 years, I have taken Crystal Healing classes and immersed myself in every crystal book I could get my hands on. For the past 20 years I have been creating gem essences in sacred ceremony at powerful astrological alignments.

As a child, I played piano and other musical instruments, as did many in my family. This sparked my deep love and passion for music and sound, which has always stirred and deeply inspired my heart and soul, and uplifted my Spirit.

After a powerful dream in 2006, where I was playing a Crystal Singing Bowl in a sacred temple ceremony, I began my love connection with the crystal singing bowls, which brought back memories of lifetimes in the Crystal Healing Temples of Ancient Egypt, Lemuria and Atlantis. I have since received sound healing training with Tom Kenyon and apprenticed in Shamanic Sound healing with various Sound Healers. Through my training with the Divine University my Light Language was awakened. It is my great joy to channel healing tones and sounds that flow through her from the Spiritual, Universal, Celestial, Angelic, and Ancient Earth realms to bring you healing and reconnection to Source.

Golden Triquetta
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