Gaia Sophia Temple of The Heart

A Holy Mother Temple of Divine Love & Service

Devoted to the Healing & Restoration of the Sacred Feminine, Mother Earth & All Beings…
Deborah El'elia Knighton Tallarico
Deborah El'elia

A voice for the Mother

Path of the Goddess

Wise Women Priestesses of the New Earth

Isis Painting by Pamela Mathews
(Isis Painting by Pamela Mathews)


A Divine Feminine Empowerment Program

Wise Women Priestesses of the New Earth

An 18 Moon Journey through the Cycle of Venus

JOURNEY BEGINS: February 15, 2022

Registration Opens NOW through March 15th, 2022

Beloved Sister, we are alive during times of profound change and transformation as we transition from 
an old Age & paradigm into a whole new consciousness, Age and spiritual vibration of
 Love on our beloved Planet.

Sophia painting by Pamela Mathews
('Sophia' painting by Pamela Matthews)

Our Great Mother is calling us Home...

to Love ourselves deeply, to remember our inner beauty, wholeness, divine nature & sacred gifts.

She is calling us to heal our Planet from the Inside Out

to remember our sacredness as we remember the Sacredness of ALL Life, and to re-consecrate our Inner Temple as the Divine Feminine Temple we are.

She is calling us to purify, forgive, heal & transmute

our ancestral, familial, karmic and past-lives traumas and energetic imprints that are held within our cells and chakras so we can truly embody the spiritual vibration of Love, 
while liberating ourselves, our lineages and all 
future generations for years to come.

‘The Moon Priestess’ by Andrew Gonzalez
(‘The Moon Priestess’ by Andrew Gonzalez)

Our Great Mother is calling us to heal & rise up…

to come home to our Soul and into the loving embrace 
of Her Sacred Heart, to embody our Sovereign Divinity, to remember our sacred contracts to care for Her and ALL Life, 
to re-claim our rightful place as Her sacred daughters once more, to become empowered as Vessels of Love & 
Divine Temples of the Goddess We Are.

As we heal and restore ourselves, 
we heal and restore our beautiful Planet.

As we find inner peace and love we are helping to 
co-create a peaceful and loving New Earth for generations to come in the New Golden Age.

If you are feeling this call, as I have been, 
then this program is for YOU!!

‘The 13 Grandmothers’ Painting by Chantal Lanouette
(‘The 13 Grandmothers’ Painting by Chantal Lanouette)

You are not alone beloved sister…
We are ALL in this together.

Join a Sacred Circle of Wise Women Sisters 
on a deep and powerful journey of Descent, 
Healing, Transformation, Empowerment, 
Liberation and Ascent…

As we journey through 18 Moons 
and a complete cycle of Venus together.

Rose of Venus

Together We Rise…

Overview of this 18 Moon Venus Journey

‘St. Ishtar’ Painting by TerezBellyDance
(‘St. Ishtar’ Painting by TerezBellyDance)

Part One of Our Journey

In Part One of our journey, we will make our descent with the Ancient Sumerian Goddess Inanna/Ishtar and our beloved Morning Star Venus as she joins with the 
Waning Crescent Moon in the early morning sky each month to pass through one of the chakra gateways 
to release our old identity.

During this time of descent, we will dismantle the old patriarchal, familial, ancestral, karmic and past-life traumas and programming stored in each chakra. 

‘Black Madona’ Painting by Pamela Matthews
(‘Black Madona’ Painting by Pamela Matthews)

Part Two of Our Journey

After we pass through 8 chakra gateways, we will enter Part Two of our journey as we enter the Underworld to meet our ‘Dark Sister’ to do Shadow, Inner Child, Ancestral and 
Past-Life healing while Venus Star is not visible in the sky. As she is in her dark womb underworld phase, we will also have inner time for deep healing, restoration and integration.

‘Inanna’ Painting by Pamela Matthews
(‘Inanna’ Painting by Pamela Matthews)

Part Three of Our Journey

In Part Three of our Journey, we will ascend through the gateways with Inanna and our Beloved Venus Star as she joins with the Waxing Crescent Moon in the Evening Sky each month as we move through 8 Chakra Gateways 
to re-claim the ancient gifts and sacred ‘medicines’ 
of our Ancestral, Past-life, Spiritual, 
Ancient Earth and Star Lineages.

‘Moon Venus’ Conjunction
(‘Moon Venus’ Conjunction)

Complete Our Journey

As we complete our journey, we will celebrate our initiations in a beautiful coronation ceremony!

‘Grandmother’ Painting by Charles Frizzell ~
(‘Grandmother’ ~ Painting by Charles Frizzell ~

Throughout this Journey you will receive…

the loving, wise counsel and support of your Ancestral Mothers and Grandmothers, the Ancient Grandmother Council, Grandmother Moon, and many Wise Women Goddesses, the Holy Mother & Sisterhood of Light, Voidal Mothers, Illumined Priestess Guides, Ancient Ones, Angels, Archangels, Earth Guardians & Animal Spirit Guides as well as from your own Inner Wise Woman Priestess Goddess Self and your Wise Women Circle of Sisters!!

Through this Sacred Goddess Empowerment Program 
you will be guided to:

‘Wisdom of the Ages’ by Autumn Skye Morrison

(Original Painting ‘Wisdom of the Ages’ by Autumn Skye Morrison

~ Shed old patriarchal, ancestral and familial programming from your body, mind, heart, soul & chakras.
~ Heal and Transform Childhood, Ancestral, Karmic & 
Past-Life Traumas, Energetic Patterns & Imprints.
~ Break Ancient Vows, Contracts, Agreements & Belief Systems that no longer serve you or our planet.
~ Liberate yourself from the burdens & chains of the past.
~ Lift Ancient Earth & Akashic Records from 
your chakras and lineages to free your soul, 
your Ancestors & future generations.
~ Do Shadow & Inner Child Work to shine light 
on unresolved patterns and to liberate & 
re-claim lost parts of your Soul.
~ Heal, Restore & Nourish yourself to your 
very core, the wise woman way.
~ Develop Deep Self-Love and Acceptance.
~ Take back your power and embody 
your Sovereign Divinity.

~ Re-consecrate your Inner Temple 
and the Temple of each chakra.
~ Re-claim soul gifts from past-lives, 
Ancestral Earth & Star lineages.

~ Deepen your sacred relationship with your Soul, Mother Earth, with the Elemental Beings of Nature, with Sister/Mother/Grandmother Moon and Venus.
~ Transition into the New 5D New Earth Consciousness.

~ Live from your Higher Self and Divine Feminine Presence.

~ Remember the Sacred & Divine Being that YOU ARE.

Throughout this Journey you will learn how to:

  • ~ Connect with the gifts and Wisdom of your Ancestors and your Indigenous Roots.

  • ~ Work with the Karmic Board under the 
wise guidance of Quan Yin & Lady Nada.
  • ~ Access the Ancient Wisdom of your Soul & Embody 
your Inner Wise Woman Priestess Goddess Self.
~ Align with the Cycles of the Earth, Moon 
& Venus as well as personal inner cycles.

  • ~ Create Healing and Ancestral Altars, and Ceremonies for the Seasonal, Lunar, Venusian & personal cycles.

  • ~ Connect with your inner Wise Woman Priestess 
& Animal Spirit Guides.
  • ~ Summon the healing & transmuting powers of the Spiritual Flames, Essential Oils, Herbs, Crystals, Gem/Flower Essences, Sacred Geometry, Sound, Chant & Light Language 
to assist you on our healing & empowerment journey.

  • ~ Create your own Wise Woman Priestess Staff of Power and healing Medicine Bundles.

  • ~ Journey to Temples in the Inner Earth and Spiritual Planes 
for healing, initiation, transformation and guidance.
  • ~ Develop an intimate relationship with your Ancestral Mothers & Grandmothers,
Grandmother Moon in all Her phases… 
the Wisdom of the Grandmothers, 
the Ancient Ones of the Earth & Stars.
~ Connect with many Ancient Goddesses of Wisdom who 
will over-soul & guide our journey including: Mother Gaia, Holy Sophia, Inanna, Ereshkigal, Grandmother Spider, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Hekate, Cerridwen, Cailleach, Baba Yaga, Quan Yin & the 21 Taras, Ancient Mothers Hathor, Isis, Sekhmet, Kali-Ma, Mary, Oshun, Sedna, Yemaya, 
Nana Buluku, Ix Chel & Mary Magdalene and more...
‘Wise Woman with Staff and Full Moon’ by ?
(Original Painting ‘Wise Woman with Staff and Full Moon’ by ?)
Painting by Charles Frizzell ~
(Painting by Charles Frizzell ~

Here is What is Included…

Each Lunar Cycle you will receive:

  • ~ 2 Live Webinars on Zoom with:
 guided meditations, practices, prayers, transmissions, facilitated sharing, activations & initiation ceremonies. 
All Zoom sessions are recorded for you.
  • ~ Weekly Ancient Wise Woman Blessings, Lunar, Venusian, Earth &/or Star Wisdom Teachings 
for the week ahead sent to your in-box.
  • ~ Guided Meditation Audios for you to listen to.

  • ~ Written and/or recorded guidance and Ceremonies for the Dark/New & Full Moons, Venus Gateways, 8 Seasonal Passages in the Great Wheel of the Year, available live on-line in Gaia Sophia Temple of the Heart or via recorded replay.
  • ~ A specially created Flower/Gem Essence for every Venus Chakra Gateway to support you 
during each lunar cycle and gateway 
mailed directly to you.
  • ~ Music Play lists, Suggested Readings, Crystal, 
Gem and Essential Oils recommendations, and Wise Women Goddess Images to print for your altar.
  • ~ Suggested inner work/home-play sheets 
with journaling prompts.


  • ~ Surprise Bonuses
  • ~ On-Going Sisterhood Support through a Private Facebook Group & Sacred Sister Partner.
  • ~ Wise Woman Initiation Coronation Ceremony Upon completion of the Program.


(*Please note all starred items below are available for an additional fee.)

  • * 60 Minute Divine Feminine Astrology Session including transits with a special focus on your Venus and Moon placements, aspects & energies.
  • * 1:1 past-life regression or healing sessions when needed with Deborah El’elia.
  • Retreat: To be decided.
Rose of Venus

Is this Goddess Empowerment Program for you?

‘Goddess of the Heart’ Painting by Andrew Gonzalez
(‘Goddess of the Heart’ Painting by Andrew Gonzalez

Take three really deep breaths now…
Put one hand on your Heart and one hand on your Womb/Sacral Chakra… Then bring your awareness to your Heart and begin to breathe in and out through your heart Until you are centered deeply…

Then ask your heart: Is this Goddess Empowerment Program Right for me right now on my personal & spiritual path?
  Will this serve my highest good and the highest good of ALL?

If you receive a YES we welcome YOU with all our 
Heart & Soul to this Divine Feminine Empowerment Program!

Rose of Venus
 ‘September Moon’ Painting by Betty Albert
(‘September Moon’ Painting by Betty Albert ~ Betty Albert )

This Program is right for you if: 

  • ~ Hearing the words Wise Woman Priestess or Medicine Woman Healer stirs something deep in your Heart & Soul.

  • ~ You are ready to take a deep dive into your ancestral, familial, karmic and past-life patterns and 
transform them once and for all.
  • ~ You have time in your life to devote to your 
healing and spiritual path with ease.
  • ~ You are ready to Love yourself & take back your power.

  • ~ You want to embody your Sovereign Divine Feminine Self and live from this place of empowerment.

  • ~ You long to connect with your Wise Woman Priestess Goddess Self to guide you in your life.
  • ~ You feel so ready to be LIBERATED and you want to live in a higher Love vibration & 5D New Earth Consciousness.
  • ~ Your heart feels excited and inspired.
  • ~ You are excited to learn & work with new Wise Woman Priestess tools that you can integrate into your daily life, relationships and work. 

  • ~ You want to deepen your sacred relationship with Mother Earth, the Elemental Beings of Nature, the Moon, Venus and Sacred Cycles.
  • ~ You feel comforted when you think about working intimately with your Wise Ancestral Grandmothers, 
the Ancient Grandmothers Circle, the Great Mother, Spiritual Guides and Wise Woman Goddesses!
  • ~ You feel inspired to journey with a Circle of Wise Women Sisters and also practice solitary spiritual meditations, ceremonies and inner work. 

  • ~ You want to Activate your Ancient Wise Woman Priestess abilities, gifts and ‘sacred medicines’ to make a difference on our Planet in your own unique & sacred way.

  • ~ You are ready to step up as the Wise Woman Goddess you are and help in the birthing of the 
New Earth Consciousness!
Rose of Venus


What if I can’t attend a live webinar?
No Problem. All webinars will be recorded 
and sent to you within 24 hours.


Divine Feminine Empowerment Program

Wise Women Priestesses of the New Earth

An 18 Moon Journey through the Cycle of Venus

February 15th, 2022

 through July 22nd, 2023
Registration opens soon!

MEETS: Twice Monthly
Additionally for Lunar & Seasonal Ceremonies
As you are guided to attend on-line live or recorded.


Saturday, January 29th:
11am (PST), 12pm (MST), 1pm (CST), 2pm (EST)

& Wednesday, February 2nd
4:30pm (PST), 5:30pm (MST), 6:30pm (CST), 7:30pm (EST)
(This will be recorded for those that cannot attend live)

FMI & to attend please contact Deborah El’elia.


There is an optional 20 Minute 1:1 Meet-up with 
Deborah El’elia.
Click here to set this up: contact Deborah El’elia

Cost of the Program

Pay in full and receive a discount of $246!


Monthly payment plans are available

I committed to making this program accessible to as many people as possible, who are called & devoted, and would be happy to talk with you about a different payment plan or partial scholarship so you would be able to be part of this Program if your heart is guided. Please reach out to me at: contact El'elia.

Isis painting by Pamela Mathews
('Isis' painting by Pamela Matthews)

Registration Opens NOW through March 15th, 2022

If you have any questions or concerns about this program, please contact Deborah El'elia

Rose of Venus
Deborah El'eila

Your Guide: Deborah El’elia

A voice for the Mother

Cosmic Earth Priestess, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, 
Wise Woman Counselor, Soul Healer & Guide, Past-Life Therapist, Divine Feminine Emissary, Mentor & Channel. Earth Steward. Flower Essence Practitioner & Crystal Sound Healer.

Lovingly supporting, guiding and empowering divine feminine souls for over 40+ years.

I am Deborah El’elia and I am so excited about this journey with all of you whose hearts are guided. 

Join me and a sacred circle of sisters to activate & empower your Divine Feminine gifts, to help heal and restore yourself and our planet as we evolve together into the New Earth Star Gaia Consciousness of LOVE!
Let us weave our divine threads of light
(‘Light Work’ Painting by ~ Autumn Skye Morrison)

Let us weave our divine threads of light, love, truth, wisdom, power & grace together to bless each other, our beloved planet, humanity and ALL life as the 
Wise Woman Priestess Goddesses we are.

In Lach’ech Ala’ Kin
I am You and You are Me
We are ONE!!

We are AWAKENING! We are REMEMBERING and together we are embodying and 
anchoring Love’s Presence on Earth as 
the Divine Feminine Temples we are!

Gaia Sophia Temple of the Heart

Gaia Sophia
Temple of The Heart

Together we are healing & transforming our planet from the inside out!

Spiritual Renaissance Center

Sedona, Arizona 86351 USA
S. Portland, Maine 04106 USA
T: (207) 653-7823

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Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be your Sacred Heart.
Blessed Be ALL beings. Blessed Be our Beloved Mother Earth Gaia.