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Messages from Gaia Sophia

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Who Is Gaia-Sophia?

Who Is Gaia-Sophia? (Sophia Painting by Pamela Matthews) Who Is Gaia-Sophia? (Sophia Painting by Pamela Matthews)

The sacred name 'Gaia Sophia Temple of the Heart' has evolved organically over a process of many years through divine inspiration, dreams and synchronicity. We are excited about the rebirth and evolution of the Temple of the Heart. This site and all our work is over-souled by Divine Mother/Father God-Goddess All-That-Is, by Mother Gaia, Holy Mother Sophia, the Pleiadian Mother Council, the Sisterhoods of Light, Ancient Ones, and by the Presence of many Goddesses, Ancient Grandmothers, Spiritual and Celestial Mothers.

The name 'Gaia Sophia' carries the energies of the 'Great Mother' as both our beloved Earth Mother Gaia in her physical and Ascended state, and as the Holy Mother Sophia who is 'Wisdom', the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah that permeates All of life, the Shakti that sparks all of Creation, the 'She', the Holy Mother that is the substance and energy of Love that unifies everything together as One in the Heart. She is the Divine Feminine Face of God. 

'Gaia Sophia' translates literally into 'Earth Wisdom' and carries the infinite wisdom of the Earth, the Holy Mother and the Goddess to bless all beings and all of life.

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More about Gaia

GAIA is the ancient and ascended name of our beloved Earth Mother, also known as Tara and Terra, who is the personification and consciousness of all Nature. She has been known since ancient Greek times as the Great Mother, Universal Mother, Mother Earth, Earth Deity and as 'Primal mother of the Gods', our first mother.

“Her familiar was the sacred snake that emerges from the earth with messages from the Mother.”

Gaia oversees motherhood, fertility, birth, marriage, healing, abundance, agriculture, the elements, the seasons and cycles of nature. She has been the center of creation stories in many spiritual and Earth-based indigenous traditions since the beginning of time on Planet Earth. According to Greek mythology, in the beginning were chaos and Gaia, who gave birth to Uranus and the Sky and together they birthed the twelve titans, or original gods.

The awareness of our Great Mother as Gaia, as a living being, as our Earth Mother, as our sacred home and 'temple', is reawakening powerfully in the hearts and consciousness of many beings now as we face global environmental change. Humanity is truly at a crossroads, and we are wise to summon our free will now to make the changes necessary to bring things back into sacred balance once more upon our beloved Earth.

So much love and healing is needed for our beloved Mother Earth now for this sacred rebalancing to occur. This healing begins within each one of us as we remember that Mother Earth, our beloved Gaia, is a living being and is not separate from us, that we are a part of Her and She a part of us. Mother Earth is a ‘sacred temple’ that houses the Spirit of Gaia, just as our bodies are a ‘sacred temple’ that houses our Spirit.

The re-consecration of our beloved Gaia and ourselves as the ‘Sacred Temple’ that we are, is what is truly needed at this time to come back into sacred balance and flow once more.

As we begin to honor, love and respect all the sacred elements that make up the creation of our Earth Mother's body, and our own bodies, that are so crucial to our well-being, the Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water, and the 5th sacred element of Ether, we are assisting in this rebalancing process.

As we love and respect ourselves deeply, as we heal and come back into sacred balance and alignment within ourselves, we will naturally begin to love and respect our beloved Mother Gaia and this will truly assist ALL to come back into sacred balance once more. As we heal and transform ourselves from the Inside Out, we are Healing and Transforming our Planet from the Inside Out… One Soul, One Heart… at a time!

It is the sacred time now beloved hearts, for us to be Her sacred caretakers and humble stewards, to love Her as we love ourselves, to be in sacred relationship with all of nature, the elements, the elementals, the over-lighting spirits and devas, as well as with the Ancient Ones and Guardians of the Earth, so we can bring the needed healing and balance to humanity and all of life on our beloved Gaia. We deeply honor our beloved Mother Gaia with all our heart...

More about Sophia

Holy Mother SOPHIA has been cherished for thousands of years by many as the 'Holy Spirit', the ‘Black Madona’, the 'Goddess of Heaven', 'Mother of the Stars’, the 'Bride of God', the 'Feminine Face of God', as the 'Bride of Christ', the 'Goddess of the Grail', the 'Gnostic Great Mother', 'Mother of ALL' and the 'Spirit of God'. She was born of Silence and gave birth to both male and female who together created the elements of our world.

She has been considered one of the 'Aeons', or 'Angels of Manifested Thought', who created ALL things. In the ancient Kabbalah, Aine 'Soph' Aur, means the 'Unlimited Light of Spirit' and She is known as the 'mother' of: Sophia-achamoth (Astral Light), Enthumesis (Consideration or Esteem), the Elohim/Eloha (Gods/Goddesses), Phronesia (Practical Wisdom), and Dynamis (Power). It is said that She created the Angels and the Principalities or the higher Angels.

The Greek word 'Sophia' means 'wisdom' in English, and Sophia is considered the all-seeing, all-knowing wisdom, creativity, and inspiration of the Divine, and the Goddess of all the wise.

She is most known as the 'Holy Spirit' that lives within everything and everyone, much like the Goddesses Shekinah (Hebrew) and Shakti (Hindu). Sophia/Shekinah/Shakti represent the Divine Feminine, Great Mother energy of our Universe that permeates all of creation and brings to life all the other Goddesses.

She is our 'Mother', the 'She' that exists within all of manifest Creation! She can be traced to every culture, society and era and is linked with many Goddesses throughout time. Sophia is often symbolized as the 'Dove' of the Holy Spirit, and in the crescent moon, stars and trees.

She can be seen in the trinity with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, she and her 3 daughters: Faith, Hope and Charity (Love). On the inner planes, and in sacred art, she is often seen as a veiled or black Goddess of Wisdom, or Black Madona, who guides us at the crossroads on our spiritual journeys of awakening and brings us into deep contact with the wisdom that lies within the most ancient recesses of our soul and helps us find the Light in our darkest inner nights.

We honor you deeply our beloved Holy Mother Sophia with all our heart.

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