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Gemini New Moon Cycle, Venus Retrograde and Venus-Moon Gateway

We find ourselves now in the middle of such a profound time of change and uncertainty on our planet. Sometimes it is hard to know what to believe and what is the Truth in this Global Crisis. One thing we know for sure is that life is changing.

As much as people want to go back to ‘normal’, things are different now. This crisis has truly gotten us to question so much in our lives. It has forced many of us to go deeper within, to question so many things in our lives.

It has given our beloved Mother Earth and the elements a break. The animals and birds seem to have a new leash on life! For the first time in years people are able to see the Himmalayas.

11 11GatewayPillarImage lgFor others it has been a very lonely process wrought with fear and anxiety. Many have left the planet or been sick. Many have lost their jobs, their businesses or their livelihoods, or experienced financial stress. Many have been brought to the edge with intense relationship and family dynamics, and other traumas emerging to the surface to be healed and transformed.

We are so sorry for any suffering that our brothers and sisters and ourselves are experiencing at this time. We send our love and healing light to all those who are suffering in any of these ways and hold you in our heart. Let us remember that we are all in this together and together we can move through this to the other side. Those of us that are the healers, visionaries, divine leaders, light-workers, way-showers and world servers, are here now to hold the torch of Truth and Light, centered in the Heart of Compassion, as we move through this planetary crisis. Let us hold a vision in our heart for the highest outcome as we birth our New Earth. May we hold a sacred and loving space for our planet and see this as the labor pains as we birth the New Consciousness on Planet Earth.

Remember that we were born for these times and we are being called now to take our place, to step up to the plate, to share our gifts and sacred medicine to guide and support others in our families, relationships, communities, and on our beautiful planet.

It is my prayer that we don’t go back to the old ‘normal’ and that we truly experience a Global Transformation as we draw closer and closer into the Age of Aquarius at the end of this year as Jupiter and Saturn join together at 0 degrees of Aquarius on the Winter Solstice.

Celestially speaking we are being gifted some powerful astrological aspects, eclipses, retrogrades, and cycles ending and beginning again to assist us in our own inner transformations! As we heal and transform, we heal and transform our Planet as we are truly connected in the Unified Field of Oneness.

So what do we have to look forward to in this powerful Cauldron and Portal of Transformation now?


To begin, Venus went retrograde on May 12th in Gemini portending a time of great reflection on relationships. During Venus retrograde, often times old relationship memories surface, old relationship patterns rise to the surface for us to look at, shift, release and transform. We might run into an old partner, or they will come into our consciousness, dreams or memory.

During this time become away of your dreams, and any relationship issues that might be revealed in your dream-time. Give attention to any past relationships that come back to be healed, transformed or released. You may find yourself wanting to have closure, to put a painful relationship memory or loss to rest. Or you may feel inspired and guided to heal a deep old pattern you carry within yourself that has brought you pain and suffering. If these old patterns rise to the surface, welcome them. Journal, do a releasing ceremony, cut old cords, and do what you need to come to peace and resolution inside if possible.

Venus will be retrograde until very late in the night on June 24th (PDT) and early on the 25th in most parts of the world. So we have quite a long time now for this deep review of our relationships. I always feel retrograde planets in a more internal way, where I feel called to go deep within to heal and transmute very old patterns that are being revealed.

Since Venus Retrograde happens only once every 18-19 months it is truly a cherished time to take this deep dive! During this retrograde period there will be two powerful eclipses to intensify the retrograde period. So hang onto your hat and surrender to the process. This is a great time to journal, to meditate deeply on these old patterns and to call for Divine assistance from any of your guides to help you through this purging and letting go process.

With Venus being in Gemini, there is a double focus on relationship and communication not only with others, but with yourself and between the different parts of yourself. The word communication has within it commune, and this is a beautiful time reflect and commune deeply with yourself, your different aspects and with your beloveds in your life. Perhaps you want to take your current relationship, if you are in one, to a whole new level of intimacy, or deepen your connection with yourself. Perhaps your inner masculine and feminine are in need of deeper communion or healing, since all our relationships are a reflection of our inner relationship with our Self and between our own masculine and feminine parts.


The Gemini Lunar Cycle began May 22nd at 10:39am (PDT), 11:39 am (MDT), 12:39pm (CDT), 1:39pm (EDT) in the USA and South America, and later in the day in Europe and Africa and May 23rd in Australia and Asia.

Gemini, is the symbol of the twins, duality and the two sides to things. It is over-souled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods who brings messages and communication from the Spiritual Realms. Thus Gemini is deeply rooted in communication and relationship. It is often a light and magical energy, and very social and playful. I often think of the playful nature spirits and the magical realms when I tune into Gemini. Being an air element it is connected with the Sylphs, the spirits of the Air! During this cycle pay attention to the clouds and the nature spirits of the Air element. Also, really pay attention to your thoughts and your words and bring them into a positive and sacred vibration. Remember that our thoughts and our words are power creators of energy in our lives.

The Goddess most associated with Gemini is the Greek Goddess Iris, who is the Goddess of the Rainbow and a messenger for the Gods and Goddesses. She was the handmaiden of Hera and a Goddess of the Sea and Sky, her mother being Thaumas, a marine-god and her mother Elktra, a cloud nymph. Iris has many spiritual powers including the ability to travel to the underworld and back and the ability to shape-shift and to take whatever form she needs to in order to deliver a message from the Divine. Iris also has much to teach us about the Rainbow Lightbody!

During this Lunar Cycle, and with Venus in Gemini, call upon her to bring you clear messages from the Divine. Take time to commune with her.


Tonight, May 23rd at 8:14pm is the last Venus/Moon Conjunction of the ending Venus Cycle. We are currently at the very end of the passing 18 month Venus Cycle and the beginning of a whole new cycle that begins on June 9th as Venus rises in the Morning Sky once more.

So this week until May 28th we will still be able to view Venus in the Evening Sky before she enters the underworld for about 10 days. So really enjoy viewing her in the Night Sky this week and remember to look outside tonight to see the crescent New Moon Conjunct our beloved Venus.

With Venus and Moon conjunct there are very powerful Divine Feminine energies available to us. So take some time to receive the Codes of Light and Love that are flowing forth to awaken your beautiful heart at this sacred time!

Next week I will share more about Venus in the Underworld before she rises again in the Morning Sky.

May you have a most beautiful week feeling the blessings of Venus guiding you to the inner magic of your Soul. May you receive the healing you need for your relationships and may you feel the love and support of family and community at this time of profound change.

May we remember our sacred place in Nature and on our beloved Planet. May we learn to honor all the elements and Spiritual Mothers and Fathers in ALL of nature. May we bring forth our sacred ‘medicines’ to assist all life in need of healing, restoration and transformation! May we rise to our greater selves that we may be the Light Bearers for others and for our beloved Mother Earth!

Blessed Be! Blessed Be our beloved Mother Earth! Blessed Be ALL beings and all Life!

All our love, Deborah El’elia
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Deborah El’elia is a planetary priestess and a voice for the Mother, here to assist in the birthing of the New Earth, and the healing, restoration, and re-consecration of the Sacred Feminine, All beings, Mother Earth and the Temples of the Divine Feminine. She lovingly serves as a Divine Feminine Emissary, channel and sacred guide offering spiritual psychotherapy, counseling, soul healing, ceremonies, blessings, divine feminine circles and priestess trainings. She is the steward of Gaia Sophia Temple of the Heart: A Holy Mother Temple of Divine Love and Service and the Gaia Sophia Mystery School. She also serves as a mentor with the Divine University and Co-director of Spiritual Renaissance Center with her husband Leo.

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