Who Is Gaia-Sophia?

Who Is Gaia-Sophia? (Sophia Painting by Pamela Matthews)

The sacred name 'Gaia Sophia Temple of the Heart' has evolved organically over a process of many years through divine inspiration, dreams and synchronicity. We are excited about the rebirth and evolution of the Temple of the Heart. This site and all our work is over-souled by Divine Mother/Father God-Goddess All-That-Is, by Mother Gaia, Holy Mother Sophia, the Pleiadian Mother Council, the Sisterhoods of Light, Ancient Ones, and by the Presence of many Goddesses, Ancient Grandmothers, Spiritual and Celestial Mothers.

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I Choose Love

I Choose Love (Pixaby Image)

The past couple of months have felt so intense, as has much of this year. Such a profound time of facing our Soul and coming back to our core values and what really matters at this time of Great Change and Transformation on our beloved Planet. As we draw closer to the end of this most powerful year of 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct at 0 degrees of Aquarius to bring in the culture of the New Age of Aquarius, I feel the magnitude of my choices and the urgency of the times. 

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Venus-Moon Conjunction: Third Eye Chakra

Moon Venus Conjunction

Beloved Soul Family,

My heart is guided to write this with the sacred intention to bring balance to what is circulating in the collective ‘air-waves’ of humanity in these times where there seems to be such polarity, division, separation, extremism and socio-political unrest. 

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Gemini New Moon Cycle, Venus Retrograde and Venus-Moon Gateway

We find ourselves now in the middle of such a profound time of change and uncertainty on our planet. Sometimes it is hard to know what to believe and what is the Truth in this Global Crisis. One thing we know for sure is that life is changing.

As much as people want to go back to ‘normal’, things are different now. This crisis has truly gotten us to question so much in our lives. It has forced many of us to go deeper within, to question so many things in our lives.

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