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Akashic Past-Life Soul Healing Sessions

with Crystal Sound Healing & Soul Retrieval

Original Painting © by Charles Frizzell:
Original Painting © by Charles Frizzell:

Deep Healing & Soul Remembrance
Karmic Re-balancing & Liberation
Forgiveness & Transformation

Beloved One...
Your Soul is Ancient... Your Spirit Eternal...

Original Painting ‘Bear Woman’ by Susan Seddon Boulet
(Original Painting ‘Bear Woman’ by Susan Seddon Boulet)

All your past experiences and incarnations have been part of your Soul's sacred journey of evolution from the time of your soul's inception and creation from Source until now.

These past experiences, while they may have created trauma and unhealthy patterns in your life, can offer profound healing, wisdom, learning, gifts and blessings to help your Soul grow and evolve in the present time.

You may be wanting to:

Get to the “root” of an issue or reoccurring life pattern.
Heal an old soul wound or trauma held deep within you.
Re-balance and release an ancient karmic pattern.
Connect with and heal your wounded inner child.
Remember your soul gifts, abilities and higher purpose.
Re-claim a part of yourself that has been lost or hidden from your conscious awareness due to past trauma, abuse, soul loss, or heartbreak.
Work with your Ancestral Lineage and break old patterns passed down through your family line.
Learn about your Earth and Star Ancestry and the soul gifts you hold from these ancient lineages.

It is at these times that an
Akashic Soul Healing Session can help you...

Wisdom of the Ages Painting © by Autumn Skye Morrison
(Wisdom of the Ages Painting © by Autumn Skye Morrison)

These deeply healing and transformational sessions can assist you to go back in time to find the “missing” pieces and unconscious memories to get to the root cause of an issue you just can't seem to heal or move past.

An Akashic Soul Healing Session can bring great understanding to your current life issues, and deep peace to your Soul.

These sessions can assist you to remember, release and liberate old memories, wounds, past traumas, conflicts, ancient Earth Records, ancestral and karmic patterns and core belief systems held in your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. This could be from earlier in this lifetime or from past-incarnations.

It is common during a Past-Life regression session to re-discover a part of your Soul that has been split off or hidden away due to deep trauma from your past. When this occurs we will retrieve this aspect of your Soul, bring healing and forgiveness to this part of you, and bring it back into your heart to be loved and re-integrated. This can assist you to feel greater wholeness and integration on a deep Soul level.

There are also times when you need to release a part of your soul back to Source to receive the healing it may need on a profound spiritual level from the Angels, Archangels, Enlightened Ones and the Family of Light.

These sessions are done in a deeply sacred space where you will be emotionally and spiritually supported.

This is a gentle process that can be profoundly healing and transformational. These sessions have the potential to greatly shift the energies of your life, lifting old burdens and memories to bring liberation to your Soul.

Over my many years of offering these sessions, I have seen people remember memories that have helped them to release deeply held issues from their body and soul, heal from phobias, sexual abuse, or other traumas and loses, as well as heal physical ailments, familial & relationship issues, as well as to find their voice, re-claim ancient soul gifts and become empowered in a new way in their lives.

Sometimes these Soul Healing Sessions take you back to earlier memories in this life-time first that need your healing and attention, sometimes never even needing to go to a past-life or time before this incarnation.

You don't even have to believe in past-lives to benefit from this very deep and healing process.

Original Painting © by Susan Seddon Boulet
(Original Painting © by Susan Seddon Boulet)

These Soul Healing Sessions are wonderful to help you heal your inner child and to release old traumas so that you can re-claim your innocence, Soul Essence, sacred gifts and Divine Child within.

What is a Past Life Regression Soul Healing Session Like?

In these sessions, I guide you into a peaceful and relaxed state of being so that your Higher Self and Guides can come forth to take you back to exactly the memories you are ready to remember and heal.

You will never be guided to remember something you are not ready to remember and you do not have to re-experience the earlier memory or trauma, but rather you are guided to look as a loving observer and witness where great healing, forgiveness and dialogue can take place.

Original Painting ‘Bear Woman’ by Susan Seddon Boulet
(Original Painting © by Susan Seddon Boulet)

In these sessions, I integrate crystal and sound healing which adds another level of healing. Crystals are placed upon your chakras and sacred sound healing is used to shift and transmute the energies that arise during the session.

I ask for a Divine Feminine Healing Temple to anchor around you, and invoke the Divine support of the Holy Mother & Father, the Sisterhood of Light, the Karmic Board, the Violet Flame of Transmutation, Ancient Ones, the Angelic, Archangelic, Earth, Ancestral, Ascended and Enlightened Realms to assist in this process.

We also call upon the Universal Laws to flood through the sacred space to assist in your deep healing and transformational process and divine dispensations are offered from the Family of Light to assist you.

Oftentimes I will guide you in a forgiveness ceremony as part of the session or help you cut old cords and release old vows, contracts and agreements that need to be broken and that can be stored in your chakras.

We dialogue throughout the session so I am able to guide you through the whole process. It is a very gentle yet profoundly healing experience. You are held in a deeply compassionate, healing and unconditionally loving sacred space throughout the process.


Shed your past
Transmute old memories, karmic patterns and stuck energies
Heal your inner child and deep soul wounds
Release ancient akashic earth records
Break old vows, contracts & agreements that limit you
Unbind unhealthy cords of attachment with others
Lift burdens from your Ancestral Lineage for yourself, your ancestors and all future generations
Retrieve lost parts of your Soul and bring them back into your heart for healing
Remember your starry and ancient origins
Re-claim your soul's ancient gifts and sacred purpose


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