Our sacred mission is...

  • We are here to hold a sacred and loving space for humanity's 
deep healing, transformation, empowerment and spiritual awakening, 
to help heal our beautiful Planet from the Inside Out... 
To help usher in the New Golden Age of Aquarius, 
guiding Souls through this powerful rebirth and ascension process.
  • Our sacred mission is to help reawaken the power of love and compassion 
in the hearts of humanity, to empower each person's Sovereign Divinity 
and direct connection with Source/Great Spirit/God-Goddess All-That Is, 
Mother Gaia and the Divine Feminine.
  • It is our heart mission to inspire humanity to live in sacred, peaceful relationship with Mother Earth, the Universe, each other and all of life, honoring the Divine Spark that lives within every living being, creature, 
rock, flower, mountain, river, ocean, planet and star.
  • We are devoted to restoring and reawakening the Temples of the Divine Feminine and the Ancient Ways of the Goddess on Earth, to help heal and empower the Feminine within all beings, and to support the sacred marriage of the Feminine and Masculine so that the Great Balance can return once more.
  • Our sacred mission is to offer elixirs of divine love, truth, wisdom, healing, forgiveness, compassion, beauty and grace flowing from the heart of the 
Great Mother, from Source, from the Sisterhood and Motherhoods of Light, from the Ancient Grandmothers, and from Gaia to bless all beings at this 
time of great transformation.
  • Our heart vision is to cultivate Global Sisterhood and Brotherhood on Earth where all beings remember their divinity, oneness and interconnectedness with each other in the Great Web of All Creation, to support Unity Consciousness and promote healing and peace on Earth.