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Devoted to the Healing & Restoration of the Sacred Feminine, Mother Earth & All Beings…
Deborah El'elia Knighton Tallarico
Deborah El'elia

A voice for the Mother

Deborah El'elia Knighton Tallarico

El'elia Jahmika Christos ~ Keeper of Earth Records and Ancient Ones

. . . El'elia . . .

Deborah El'eila

Deborah El’elia Knighton Tallarico

aka: El’elia Jahmika Christos:
Keeper of Earth Records & Ancient Ones

Transpersonal Psychotherapist ~ Spiritual Counselor ~ Soul Healer Holy Mother & Divine Feminine Emissary, Channel, Priestess, Teacher & Guide

A Voice for the Mother

Specializing in Deep Soul Healing, Spiritual Guidance & Divine Feminine Empowerment

I am Deborah El’elia, creator and steward of this global temple space and I welcome you with all my heart…

It is my soul’s purpose to be a vessel of love and compassion, an open channel for the Divine Feminine and Universal Spirit to move through me to serve in the healing and restoration of the Feminine, the Earth, All Beings and All of Life. I feel this sacred calling in my bones and in every fiber of my being.

I know that as the Feminine heals, within all of us and within all life, our Mother Earth heals. I also honor that it is the sacred union of the masculine and feminine within each one of us, that will shift things on our planet and bring balance, peace and harmony to ALL life. But the feminine is being called now to lead the way and it begins within each one of us. As we consecrate the Temple of our body, heart, mind, soul and spirit we consecrate the Temple of Earth, and make sacred again ALL LIFE on our planet.

Ever since I can remember, I have been on a deep soul journey to heal and love myself and am passionate about supporting and empowering you on your own unique journey of healing, restoration, transformation, rebirth and spiritual awakening.

I am here to hold sacred and loving space for you as you re-claim your sovereignty, develop self-love, find your inner voice and greater purpose, come home to who you really are and as you consecrate your own inner Temple space.

I will help you see your life transitions and 'challenges' from a larger spiritual perspective as sacred initiations meant to assist your soul’s growth and evolution.

I will lovingly guide you to remember your ancient, divine and starry origins and re-claim your sacred gifts so you can walk the true path of your heart and fulfill your sacred mission on Earth.

To this sacred work, I bring the compassion, love, humility and wisdom I have gained through my own inner struggles, soul wounds and initiations, together with over 40 years of training and practice as a transpersonal psychotherapist, spiritual counselor, soul mid-wife and healer, divine feminine mentor, ceremonialist and priestess.

Over the years I have supported thousands of souls on their healing and spiritual paths and have created and facilitated hundreds of ceremonies, guided meditations, sound healings, sacred circles, priestess trainings, workshops and retreats.

To deepen my work, I weave in years of study in astrology, metaphysics, indigenous, Goddess and ancient earth wisdom, meditation, ritual and ceremony, flower & gem essences, crystal and sound healing, herbal medicines and essential oils, akashic record & past-life regression.

Deborah El'eila

In deep love and devotion to the One Heart of All-That-Is,

Deborah El'elia Knighton Tallarico

I work closely with Divine Feminine Guides, the Celestial Mothers and Sisters of Light, the Elements, Earth Guardians, Animal Spirits, Grandmothers and Ancient Ones as well as through my own divine presence and higher self to assist you on your path and help you to connect with your own inner guidance and wisdom.

It is with great joy that I invite you to journey with me… Heart to Heart… Soul to Soul… To heal and come home to the beautiful Soul Essence that you are… To find deep inner peace and fulfillment… To return to the Love and wisdom that lies within… and to lead a sacred, magical and meaningful life aligned with your Soul, the Earth, Universe and All Life…

I hold a deep heart prayer for humanity that all beings come home to their heart, back to love, to live in peace, oneness, harmony and sacred relationship with themselves, each other, Mother Earth, the Universe, and with ALL of life in the great web of creation.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be your Sacred Heart and Soul. Blessed be our Mother Earth. Blessed Be All beings and All of Life.

I bow to the Divine with you and within ALL life.

My Bio and Trainings

  • Life-long spiritual seeker, lover of Mother Earth and the Divine
  • Creatress & participant of sacred ceremonies since childhood
  • Student of astrology, metaphysics, mysticism, shamanic & healing arts since 1977
  • Bachelor of Social Work Degree ~ Minor: Psychology, 1979 (Central Michigan University)
  • Counselor in Women’s Counseling, Rape Crisis & Domestic Violence Centers, 1978-82
  • Masters of Arts Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, 1986 (With 4 years graduate study in Transpersonal Psychology and Art Therapy, John F. Kennedy University, Orinda, CA.)
  • Universal Life Minister, since 1986
  • Private spiritual psychotherapy, counseling & healing practice, since 1986
  • Psychotherapist in sexual abuse treatment program, 1988-1995
  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, since 1990 in California, New Mexico & Maine
  • Co-director of Spiritual Renaissance Center with my husband Leo, since 1997
  • Writer & Publisher of Spiritual Renaissance Publication & E-Newsletter, since 1997
  • Flower Essence Practitioner, since 1997
  • Ordained Priestess: Fellowship of Isis, since 1999
  • Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist, since 2000
  • Co-host of Renaissance Radio Hour, 2000-2003
  • Wise Woman Herbal Apprenticeship, 2001
  • Priestess Training with the 13 Moon Mystery School, 2006-2008
Deborah El'eila
(Photograph by Christine Anuszewsk)

My Bio and Trainings (cont'd)

  • Sound Healing Training and Practitioner, 2007-Present
  • Spiritual Training with the Divine University, 2008-Present
  • Open to Channel training, 2011-2013
  • Akashic Record training, 2014-2015
  • Sacred Guide in the School of Loving Presence with Divine University, 2014-2015
  • Mentor and Teacher of the Divine University-Sirius Library since 2016
  • Member of the Circle for All Life with the Mother Earth Restoration Trust since 2017
  • Advisor: School of the Sacred Masculine with the Divine University, 2020
Deborah El'eila
It is my sacred mission to serve humanity, the Mother & the Divine with all my heart & soul… to honor the sacredness and sovereignty within every being and within All of Life… to walk the 'Beauty Way' living in harmony with all beings and the natural cycles of the Earth & Universe… to share ancient wisdom, love, truth, beauty, compassion and grace to bless, heal, empower and inspire others… to be a Beacon of Love and Light in our world… to consecrate Divine Feminine Temples on Earth, to restore the Sacred Feminine and the Ancient Path of the Goddess, and to lovingly serve in the co-creation of the New Earth.
Lovingly serving spiritual seekers, light-workers, empaths, gentle souls, star-seeds, artists, healers, earth stewards, world servers, yoginis, priestesses, energy workers, highly sensitive beings, way-showers, rainbow warriors, powerful & wise wo/men for over 40 years...
Gaia Sophia Temple of the Heart

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Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be your Sacred Heart.
Blessed Be ALL beings. Blessed Be our Beloved Mother Earth Gaia.