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Deborah El'elia Knighton Tallarico
Deborah El'elia

A voice for the Mother

~ 2024 ~

Dream Seed your New Year into Being
through the Wisdom of your Heart!

A three-part webinar series to Seed, Activate and Birth your Sacred Intentions & Visions for 2024 into the Unified Quantum Field of Oneness & Love!

It is here in this Field of Infinite Potential & Possibility that we are able to dream our visions and sacred intentions into being, to then ground and manifest them into form in our lives.

Three Saturdays:
January 27th, February 3rd & 10th
10am – 12pm (MST)

‘Strength’ card from Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland
(‘Strength’ card from Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland)

2024 carries an ‘8’ vibration, which is a frequency of infinite manifestation, abundance & inner strength.

We will have the support in this powerful ‘8’ year to balance the spiritual & material, heaven and earth, above and below, masculine & feminine within us and in our lives as we birth the New Golden Age on Earth.

As the ‘outer world’ breaks down and goes through its’ powerful transformation, this will be a most potent year for your personal & spiritual growth.

It will open doors of opportunity to deepen your Self-Love, Inner Strength and the Embodiment your Sovereignty. This will help Empower you to ‘Let Your Light Shine’ and to bring forth your sacred gifts to bless our Planet at this time of great need!


‘Lighting the Way’ by Josephine Wall
(‘Lighting the Way’ by Josephine Wall)

We will gather during this potent time, between January 27th and February 10th, in the Solar Plexus Gateway of Venus, before the Lunar New Year.

During these two weeks you will be held in a loving and sacred ceremonial space as you dream seed & activate your visions and intentions for the powerful year of 2024.

‘Psyche’s Dream’ by Josephine Wall
(‘Psyche’s Dream’ by Josephine Wall)

During our time together, we will work with the energies of the Leo Full Moon, the Aquarius New Moon, as well as the inspirational energies of Solar & Lunar Imbolc to activate, energize & empower our visions & dream seed intentions.

In our first webinar, in the glow of the Leo Full Moon, you will be guided to receive your sacred visions and intentions for 2024.

After you have received these, in between our sessions, you will create a ‘vision board collage’ and a sacred altar with images, sacred objects, words & symbols that carry the vibration of your intentions to support you during the year ahead. You will also be given journal prompts to deepen this process.

I will guide you to meet with your ‘Spiritual Team’, made up of your own personal Spirit Guides who are here to assist you in your manifestation process.

Golden Triskle
‘Breath of Gaia’ by Josephine Wall
(‘Breath of Gaia’ by Josephine Wall)

You will be guided to connect and work with Mother Gaia & the Creation Mothers, Goddesses Lakshmi & Brigid, sacred Elements, Elementals & Ancient Earth Guardians, as well as with Divine Source, Angelic Ones, the Unified Quantum Field, crystals and stones of manifestation to help you ‘earth’ your sacred visions and seed intentions.

During our journey together, you will be guided to align with the Womb of Gaia and the Cosmic Womb of the Mother, the Seed & Flower of Life along with the Ankh, the Key of Life, to assist your manifestation process.

I will share about specific essential oils, flower and gem essences that can greatly assist you as you bring your dreams and visions into reality!

You will also learn how to work with the cycles of the Moon, an ‘8’ infinity meditation and other spiritual practices that you can use throughout your year to bring your dream seeds, visions and intentions to fruition in your life.

We will attune to the 9 areas of life, as reflected in Feng Shui, so you can craft prayers and affirmations for these important aspects of your life.

At the sacred turning point of Imbolc, you will receive a divine initiation with the Celtic Goddess Brigid to awaken your inner flames of creation and to inspire your visions and new creations for 2024!

‘Moon Goddess’ Painting by Josephine Wall
(‘Moon Goddess’ by Josephine Wall)
‘Celtic Goddess Brigid’ Painting by Wendy Andrew
(‘Celtic Goddess Brigid’ Painting by Wendy Andrew)

At the Aquarius New Moon on the day of the Lunar New Year we will consecrate our vision boards and altars in a sacred Activation Ceremony.

We will have just entered the Sacral Womb Chakra Gateway of Venus and will be guided to give birth to our new seed visions and intentions for 2024 that have been stirring deep within us!!

Hope you will join me to Dream-Seed and Ground your New Year into being through the Wisdom of Your Heart!!

‘Woman with Feathers’ Painting by Josephine Wall
(‘Woman with Feathers’ by Josephine Wall)

2024: Dream Seed your New Year into Being


We will be meeting 3 Saturdays
January 27th, February 3rd and February 10th
from 10am – 12noon (MST)

9am – 11am (PST), 11am – 1pm (CST), 12noon – 2pm (EST)

All Webinars will be Live on Zoom from the sacred lands of Sedona and will be recorded if you are unable to attend live.  (For those in the local Sedona Area there is an option to attend live in my sacred temple space.)

Saturday, January 27th: 10am – 12noon (MST)

In the glow of the Leo Full Moon you will be guided in a meditation to receive your new visions and seed intentions for the powerful new year ahead. You will also learn about spiritual practices & healing tools to help you in your manifestation!

Saturday, February 3rd: 10am – 12noon (MST)

At this sacred time of Imbolc, as the first seeds of Spring begin to stir in the womb-belly of Mother Earth, you will receive a powerful and energizing activation in an Imbolc Initiation Ceremony with Goddess Brigid. This is sure to inspire and awaken your seed intentions and visions to a whole new level.

Saturday, February 10th: 10am – 12noon (MST)

At this time of the Aquarius New Moon, on the day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, you will be guided in a deep ceremony to further activate, consecrate and anchor your sacred altar, vision board and your heartfelt dreams and visions.

Woman Blowing Milkweed

2024: Dream your New Year into Being

Hope you will join me and an intimate circle
of beautiful souls to Dream-Seed and Ground
your New Year into being!!

Sacred Energy Exchange: $88.00 USD

Deborah El'eila

Your Guide:
Deborah El’elia Knighton Tallarico, MA, LCPC

Deborah El’elia has been a transpersonal psychotherapist, ordained priestess, ceremonialist, spiritual mid-wife, counselor, healer & guide for over 40 years. She also serves as a channel and emissary for the Holy Mothers and Sisterhoods of Light.

She offers deep healing and counseling sessions, channeled soul readings, sacred ceremonies, flower essences and inspirational writing to guide souls through personal, spiritual & planetary rites of passage assisting them to heal and empowering them to bring forth their sacred gifts to bless our Planet at this time of great need.

She can be reached at:

Gaia Sophia Temple of the Heart

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