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2024: A Year to be Remembered

Perspectives from the Sky Astrology Forecast
& Ancient Wisdom from the Earth & Stars

With Deborah & Leo Knighton Tallarico

SATURDAY, JANUARY 20th from 1-4pm (MST)

12-3pm (PST), 2-5pm (CST), 3-6pm (EST)

Live on Zoom from the sacred lands of Sedona!

This presentation will be recorded for those
that are unable to attend the Live Zoom event.

Join us on this very powerful day as the Sun & Pluto
join together and move into Aquarius!!

Phoenix Rising from the Mountains

Leo will present his ‘Perspectives from the Sky’, an Astrology Forecast and big picture overview of 2024, a year to be remembered.

He believes we are in the early years of the Age of Aquarius and 2024 will bring powerful transformational energy to our personal lives and collective consciousness.

He will make predictions on the USA Presidential elections, the economy, and world conflicts during this webinar.

He will give greater perspective on how all this 2024 chaos will be opening portals of awakening and transformation for our human family.

While ‘Rome burns’, magical and meaningful signs, symbols, and synchronicities will be swirling through our consciousness and lives.

2024 promises to be a most important year in making the transition between an old paradigm, dying before our eyes; and a world rising from the ashes of the old world like a Phoenix.

Strength Card - Star Tarot
(‘Strength’ Card from Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland)

Deborah El’elia will transmit her Divine Feminine priestess perspective for this profound year of transformation ahead as she presents ancient wisdom from the Earth and Stars.

She will share about the deeper significance of this 8 numerological year of 2024, the 8:8:8 Portal, the mystical symbolism revealed in the ‘Strength’ Card of the Tarot, and how we can prepare ourselves for the Lunar New Year ahead and the energies of the Dragon.

This will all be woven into an overview of the current Leo Cycle of Venus we are now in, how this is intimately connected with the Descent and Ascent of the ancient Sumerian Goddess Inanna, and how this informs our deeper soul journey through this year.

Deborah El’elia will be sharing about the spiritual growth and soul awakening these sacred Earth and Celestial cycles will bring to our lives, our consciousness, our hearts and souls, as well as the impact upon our personal and collective journeys through this powerful year ahead!

2024 has the potential to be a year of profound Growth, Self-Love, Empowerment, Divine Sovereignty, Manifestation, Abundance and the Dream Weaving of the New Earth amidst the chaos and dismantling of our ‘outer’ world.

It will be a time for us to bring forth our sacred medicines and soul gifts to bless our Planet, each other and ALL Life as we birth the New Earth and Golden Aquarian Age together in Common-Unity!

‘Light Work’ painting by Autumn Skye Morrison
(‘Light Work’ painting by Autumn Skye Morrison)

2024: A Year to be Remembered

SATURDAY, JANUARY 20th from 1-4pm (MST)

Sacred Energy Exchange: $30.00 USD

There will be time for questions and answers after each presentation.

About Deborah El'elia and Leo

Deborah El'eila

Deborah El’elia Knighton Tallarico, MA, LCPC

Deborah El’elia has been a transpersonal psychotherapist, ordained priestess, ceremonialist, spiritual mid-wife, counselor, healer & guide for over 40 years. She also serves as a channel and emissary for the Holy Mothers and Sisterhoods of Light.

She offers deep healing and counseling sessions, channeled soul readings, sacred ceremonies, flower essences and inspirational writing to guide souls through personal, spiritual & planetary rites of passage assisting them to heal and empowering them to bring forth their sacred gifts to bless our Planet at this time of great need.

She can be reached at:

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Leo has been a full time professional astrologer, transformational counselor, writer & spiritual guide for over 38 years.

He offers deep, psychologically and soul based astrological sessions, transit readings, on-going transformational counseling at the crossroads of life as well as couples sessions, which is one of his specialties. He has been guiding souls through the threshold of the Aquarian Age through his sessions and weekly blog: ‘Perspectives from the Sky’.

He can be reached at:
Or through his web-site:

We welcome you with all our hearts!!

We welcome you with all our hearts!!

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